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  LOCAL THEATRE THE LICHFIELD PLAYERS PRESENTS  ABIGAIL’S PARTY British suburbanites Laurence and Beverly are entertaining their new neighbours, Angela and Tony, as well as Susan, whose teenage daughter, Abigail is having a party to which Susan has been dis-invited. Over drinks and snacks, clichés and fatuous small talk abound.  28 WWW.LICHFIELDGARRICK.COM TUE 18 - TIME TICKETS S SAT 22 JAN 7.45pm & FROM £15 2.45pm (Sat) BROWNHILLS MUSICAL THEATRE Brownhills Musical Theatre Company Present  Kinky Boots, the winner of every major COMPANY PRESENTS Best Musical award, including the Tony, K the Gra S IN Awards. on ’s Olivier K mm Y B ya nd Lo nd O O T BMTC presents Kinky Boots, the winner of every major BAedsatpMteudsifcraolmawaacrdo.medy film based on a real life story, the show has a huge heart, Adapted from the comedy film based on a real life story, with a brilliant original score written by the show has a huge heart, with a brilliant original score Cyndi Lauper. written by Cyndi Lauper. It is funny, emotional and joyous and a It’s funny, emotional & joyous, a spectacle to behold! spectacle to behold with beautiful With beautiful costumes and, of course, those sexy costumes and of course, those sexy ‘kinky boots’, it’s a show that really struts its stuff! ‘kinky boots’. It’s a show that really ‘struts it’s stuff’  TIME TuUeEsd1ay01-0th to Saturday 14th May 20T2I2CKETS SAT 14 MAY 7.30pm FROM £21 M 2.30pm (Sat) THE LICHFIELD PLAYERS PRESENTS  I THOUGHT I HEARD A RUSTLING An ex-miner turned poet is appointed writer-in- residence at Eastwood branch library. Ellen, senior librarian, soon realizes the feckless but charming Geordie is no poet. Despite this she finds him highly entertaining, much to the disgust of Nutley, an earnest young man who covets the writer-in-residence role. These three find themselves an unlikely but united strike group when the Libraries sub-committee proposes demolishing the library.  TUE 24 - TIME TICKETS SAT 28 MAY 7.45pm FROM £15 S 2.45pm (Sat) 

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