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        DAPERIL 2A2 R BROTHER, LIEBE SCHWESTER. GARRICK YOUNG REP PRESENTS              DEAR BROTHER, LIEBE    SCHWESTER    ‘Nothing’s truly black and white.’    It is 1930s Berlin. Anna is very talented at Maths, Michael likes to play ‘Capture the   w    Flag’, both are drawn into the Nazi Party. In this challenging play from Nina BL, Anna and Michael reckon with the personal and social challenges of growing up in an extremist regime. As ideological battles are waged across the kitchen table, friends can be lost, values can be sacrificed and kindness seems to come from impossible places.                             WED 20 - SAT 23 APRIL Five hard-working, hard-drinking miners and a church organist are rehearsing frantically for the local gala. This is the Glee Club, and though they’ve played their share of working men’s clubs, they’re not exactly the vanguard of a musical revolution. But this is the summer of ’62. Britain and music are about to change forever. And so are the lives of these six men. A raucous comedy featuring live music, Richard Cameron’s The Glee Club was first seen at the Bush Theatre in 2002 and soon transferred to the West End. Warning: For ages 16+ contains strong language, sexual references & nudity. TIME TICKETS 7.45pm £15 S                   22 WWW.LICHFIELDGARRICK.COM 2.45pm (Sat)  STOCKROOM’S THE GLEE CLUB THU 21 – SAT 23 APRIL TIME TICKETS AGE FROM M 16+ £18.50 7.30pm 

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